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Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ), USA WASH Aquatics Academy | May 21st-24th 2024 (subject to change)

Exact times and locations to be published in early 2024 -free shuttles will be available as necessary

Day 01 | Tuesday, May 21st 2024

Welcome Cocktail Party

Join us for the WASH Aquatics Academy Welcome Session complete with cocktails, finger foods, an introduction to the event, and an opportunity to network with industry professionals.

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Day 02 | Wednesday, May 22nd 2024

WASH Program Overview & Use of Canine ‘Lifeguards’

Join WASH Founder, Jeff Dudley, as he discusses current WASH programs and philosophy as well as what is on the horizon. Jeff will be joined by the Director of Water Rescue Dogs (tentatively) – you do not want to miss this session…….

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Engaging Aquatics Supervisors & Officers with Thought Leadership and Innovation

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Swift Water Rescue

This panel discussion brings together several Swift Water Rescue team members from across the country to engage in a Q and A with regard to best practices.

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Lifeguard Certification Course Day #1

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Event Safety Services: What is the Liability Exposure

What type and level of liability exposure do I or my my organization have if providing lifeguards and/or other safety services for private events (i.e. triathlons, swims, parties, film/photo/video sets, etc)? Insurance? Training? Other Protections?

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Swim Lesson Instructor (SLI) Course Day #1

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Day 03 | Thursday, May 23rd 2024

Introduction to AI for Lifeguarding

Join us as we explore the integration of AI into your programs as a possible valuable endeavor.

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Defense Maneuvers in the Water

David Peresenda will deliver a lecture followed by an in-water session demonstration and practice session.

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Pool Alarms & SMART Pool Fences: The Law

Safety tools and equipment are advancing in our industry but is the law keeping pace with these developments?

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Swim Lesson Instructor (SLI) Course Day #2

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Lifeguard Certification Course Day #2

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Day 04 | Friday, May 24th 2024

Lifeguard Re-Certification

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Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Course

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Swift Water Rescue Day #3

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Latest Spinal Trauma Protocols: C-Collars?

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Jon us for a brief encapsulation of the week and an opportunity to exchange contact information and say your ‘goodbyes’ until next time.

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